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Add:No. 8, Yannin Highway, Dainan Town,Xinghua city, Jiangsu, China
    About us >>> Culture

1, The corporate culture
    We respect our clients, respect for opponents, respect for employees.
    We focus on quality, attention to efficiency, service-oriented.
    We are good at that, good at solving, analytical.

2, Quality Policy
    High quality, delivery potential to win customer satisfaction!
    Continue to reduce product defect rate!

3, The initiative is the efficiency
    Efficiency comes from the initiative. Active people are the most intelligent person, the best partners in the team, is that everyone wants friends. Always remember: the spirit of initiative is your best teacher. In the face of all difficulties, can help you is the spirit of initiative, not luck, so we need to do more and talk less about a positive attitude.

4, The details determine the success or failure
    To simplify complex issues, standardization of the simple question, conscious of the standard issue, concerns the details of the operation is a key factor in business success. The level of an employee, in his careful work, without the trouble of going to face more embarrassment, that attention to detail it. Evaluation of customer satisfaction is often the details of doing good.

5, The effect of communication
    Unusual for the work of misunderstanding, because each person's point of view and different positions. As long as a part of a misunderstanding, the entire operation may be paralyzed! Therefore, communication in an enterprise has a pivotal role. Harmonious and pleasant atmosphere, smooth tacit understanding is not what happens to the employees help one another, learn from each other, there are problems solved in time.

6, After-sales service
 While a good product to delight customers, but no matter no matter how good the product, if the latter part of doing a good job, customers will still be lost. We focus on the follow-up of products, when the product to the customer, we will take the initiative to ask the customer satisfaction, and the need for other services. Of these, existing customers have produced a good reputation.

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