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  Jiangsu Zhenya Special Screw Co.,Ltd 

        Jiangsu zhenya Special Screw Co.,Ltd., Zhenya is one of the largest bases of stainless steel standard components in china with the covered area of 20 million square metres,the fixed assets of Hundred million yuan.

  The two factories in the east and west equipped with advanced technology,strong technical force and complete testing equipments.It mainly manufacture press-one and series of products of GB,DIN,ANSI,BS etc. With china entry into WTO ,zhenya has found a ready in south Korea ,Japan and other countries and areas.Passing the ISO 9001 international quality,management assessment,it can provide the high-quality products as better service to the customers.

  For years,it has been awarded the honory,titles of the Dey Backbone Enterprise,the unit of Honoring the contract and keeping the promise in Xinghua and the outstanding.Enterprise,the Top Ten privately-owned Enterprise in Taizhou,Taizhou,Products Exempted From Inspection in Taizhou and Jiangsu Brand-Name Products.

  Relying on the renewal equipment,the strengthening technical force and constant perfect of management,it expands rapidly and had been in the top in the competitive market.The every step in sales,management and new products development fully demonstrates the corporate image-its far sight,the enterprising and the active initiation an innovation.


Shenzhen Force Link Import & Export Co.,Ltd

(sales head Office)

    About Us

    Subordinated to Jiangsu Zhenya Special Screw Co.,Ltd,Shenzhen Force Link Export & Import Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "Force Link") was founded in 2013 as it oversea sales head office.

    Our Products

    Specialized in stainless steel standard components ,stamping components ,propellers ,  and stainless steel profiles ,our products are exported to Europe ,North America,South America,South Asia as well as the Middle East areas.

    Our production Base

    Covering areas of 200,000 square meters of factory and with more than 40,000 square   meters of standard workrooms ,Zhenya has become one of the largest production base of stainless steel standard components in China.

     Elite In Force Link

    Force Link gathers a large group of passinate and dynamic young people with dreams . With opening working enviroment and friendly colleagues as well as good communication channels .Force Link aims to provide a family-like and warm working atmosphere to all the staff ,who will regularly organize some training courses ,climbling ,traveling   and other activities to enrich the staff's life.

      Force Link Culture

     We respect to our our clients ,our competitors as well as our employees .

     We think highly of quality ,efficiency and service .

     We're good at discovering ,solving and analyzing proplems .


Add:No. 8, Yannin Highway, Dainan Town,Xinghua city, Jiangsu, China
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