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    AOD Project
    Rolling Project

Add:No. 8, Yannin Highway, Dainan Town,Xinghua city, Jiangsu, China
    Project >>> AOD Project
  Jiangsu zhenya Special Screw Co., after years of effort, the enterprise has been developing rapidly, has now become standard parts of the larger production base of stainless steel. However, standard parts required for production of stainless steel billets from instability, high cost, and quality can not meet demand, for which the company plans to build by the HGX electric arc furnace, AOD refining furnace, LF refining furnace, R8m composed of four in one continuous casting machine Short process of steel-making project, referred to as the "AOD works. "
  Our AOD refining plant equipment with international advanced level. AOD refining process characteristics of special steel can control the S content of 0.01%, phosphorus content of 0.005%. Typical product of the sulfur content can be controlled in 0.002-0.005%, respectively. Refining stainless steel, can achieve ultra-low 0.01% carbon. Adequate residue - liquid mixing and effective reduction of AOD refining process to the very high recovery rates and accurate alloy composition control, accurate measurement of oxygen blown into the final carbon content of a very accurate control.
  AOD furnace construction company research and development of special steel and alloy casting and forging products provide a technical basis and equipment base, so we had not used the high cost of smelting or smelting of special steel and alloys to the research and development possible. To improve the metallurgical quality and for the direction of the AOD refining technology as the core ESR, attached to a particular casting, forging, heat treatment, welding and machining techniques to form the future of special steel casting and forging manufacturing company's core technology.
Our company offers stainless steel billet in 8-10 million tons, basically with the production of high-quality carbon steel, alloy structural steel, gear steel, spring steel, alloy steel, tool and die steel capacity of five series.
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